• Try new recipies for a

    sustainable food consumption

  • Discover personal ways

    towards climate friendly mobility

  • Learn how Just try it is triggering

    changes in everyday behavior

Comfortable. Enjoyable. Relaxed.

That is how an energy autonomous lifestyle can be, if you choose it. How does it work? In order to find out, Just try it offers short experiments to clubs, companies, organisations and communities. The participants in the experiments learn that climate protection and comfort do not contradict. That it can be enjoyed with moderation. And that slowness sometimes leads faster to a goal. Are you interested in transferring our knowledge to offer the experience of a sustainable lifestyle to clubs, companies and communities in your sourroundings? Then click here.

Eat differently, smarter mobility

Thematically, Probier amol mainly focuses on food and mobility. Why? Because the two areas crucially contribute to the Greenhouse Effect. And because changes in these areas are actually easy to make. How? These pages will show you. Look around and Just try it!

Just try it at a glance

After a three years period the project "EKO-LIFE" - within which we developed the Just try it-initiative - has been terminated by the end of June 2016. Reason enough for us to sum up the main objectives, methods, activities and results of the project in a quickly to read "Layman's Report", which is also available in English.