A measurable goal needs control

One of the main objectives of the project EKO-LIFE, supporter of the initiative Just try it, is CO2 reduction in Vorarlberg. Monitoring has been installed to show evidence of achieving this goal (decrease 1,700 tons CO2). 

More than 50 indicators are monitored

Over 50 indicators in different levels of capacity will be assessed. Whereas, some points can be measured in great detail (such as publication numbers and editions, number of experiment participants or effectiveness of activities during the experiment), other indicators have to be estimated by random samplings.

Challenge: delayed effect

Another challenge for monitoring is the time-delayed effect. For instance, we are subject to external conditions when considering mobility (not everybody can forfeit using their car to get to work). During the project, various activities may encourage the need to resist these external constraints and an opportunity may arise to alter the situation (for example, a job change). This potential has to be estimated and quantifies the effect of the project’s impact. It is important to us not to exploit interpretaion and calculation tolerance, but to fairly reflect effects that are difficult to quantify.


EL Wirkungsmodell
The effect of EKO-LIFE, host of the Just try it initiative