Food is Relevant to Climate Protection

15% of your CO2 emission

Food (which includes agriculture, industry, transportation, material and equipment) is responsible for a significant portion of energy consumption and CO2 emission.  We are often not aware of these hidden values as they are not readily apparent. Our diet is heavily influenced by meat consumption. Meat production requires much energy and many resources, which makes it very extravagant.  In this case, it is particularly true – less is more!


It would not be possible for all the people in the world to eat as much meat as we do. Neither the land nor the energy exists to grow that much animal feed.

Quality before quantity

Numerous processing stages involve higher energy consumption. This especially applies to beef production. But also making cheese causes significant CO2 emission.  This is a surprise for many people, probably because it has long cultural tradition. Ultimately, sasving energy is not about limitations, but rather enjoyment and health. The best restaurants serve fresh, organic, and tasty, regional food on their menus.