It's in Your Hands

Food and mobility –  a major chunk of your CO2 balance

A significant part of your carbon footprint is directly influenced by the food you eat and your mobility (at least three out of a total of ten tons).  If you want to see your own personal values, these can be determined in a few steps using a CO2 calculator. 

Relatively easy to change

Practical changes are relatively easy to make, especially in these two areas. Neither area involves large investment costs, nor are the conditions unfavourable. Wide selections of seasonal, regional and organically grown foods make it easy to try out something new. And an excellent network of bike paths, bus and train services allow for a smooth switch to public transportation at least on a short trial basis.

Just try it

Not all at once. It’s not about completely abandoning your auto or the Sunday roast, but rather consciously making  decisions.  This is one of the main objectives of Just try it.
Just try it is a project that contributes to energy autonomy in Vorarlberg. Here you can read more about it.