Make Your Club into a Laboratory

You are active in a club or organisation

or are concerned about your environment. You want to stimulate and challenge your colleagues? Without great expense? We have something  for you!

We offer you a customised experiment free of charge,

where you experience energy autonomy in Vorarlberg in the areas of food and mobility. Interested in trying something new together? You bring the people, we take care of the rest.

An experiment usually consists of two units ( for example, two afternoons or evenings). In the first part, we try something together. The results are taken home, and you see how they could be used in your everyday life.  In the second part, which takes place several days or weeks later, experience, tips and tricks are exchanged in a casual atmosphere. 


Something small

still keeps you from taking part in the experiment: briefly tell us about your reason using the contact formular. If you want to know more about the experiments, just read further.

Share your practical knowledge

Within the framework of the Just try it experiment, you will gain exciting and valuable experience that you may want to share with others. We have the resources available. It could be in the form of a communication campaign, where selected participants are quoted, or a support package to organise your own experiment. You could be a part of a sustainble lifestyle!  

You are already a professional?

You often use your bike or public transportation to get around? Or on that rare occasion  you enjoy some meat, it is of highest quality from the region? If you would like to share your experience with others, then please contact us.