Targetgroups and Approaches

Customised offers for target groups

One of the innovative aspects of the project is the very detailed preparation of specific target groups, which are described clearly and carefully using concrete Personae. The four Personae (Anton, Clara, Johanna and Michael) come from the following two groups:

  • Middle age - tendency towards middle income, rooted in tradition, conservative consumer lifestyle, focus on quality rather than quantity, partially critical of consumerism, consumer trends have little influence
  • Young families – tendency towards middle and upper income, families with young children up to the end of primary school age, modern, experimental, partially lead a materialistic, hedonistic lifestyle,  highly sensitive to environmental and social issues, highly dependent on trends
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Clubs and Networks are the Keys to our Targetgroups

Using existing networks

Members of these two target groups are reached through networks in which they participate. Some examples could include the fire brigade, choir, children’s play group, Boy or Girl Scouts, the local sport club, local employers or even the community itself.  

The selected mediator not only provides practical structure in the form of a contact point, contact persons, site, routine events, but also an institutional framework that provides roles, responsibilities, etc. They are also a soundboard that amplifies and distributes news of project activities.