The Goal of Just try it


Less CO2 emissions

The main objective is to contribute to reducing CO2 emission by about 1,700 tons. This would be achieved together with motivated Vorarlberg residents by trying out different aspects of a sustainable, energy autonomous lifestyle.

Energy autonomy brought to life

A large portion of an individual’s total CO2 emission is due to mobility and food choices. Luckily, behavioral changes in these areas are possible without huge investment. And here is where we work together. Our goal, within the well-defined framework of the experiment, is to improve the amount of the participant’s CO2 emissions. This could be in the form of trying out new forms of transportation or getting fine ideas for vegetable creations from a top chef.

Consciously live, consciously act

The third goal of the initiative is to communicate the positive experiment results to as many people as possible  and raise awareness amongst the population about a sustainable, energy autonomous lifestyle. We are not into presenting horror scenarios, but rather good examples. We do not fear the future, but rather embrace it.