The Just try it Campaign

Kampagne macbook
Open your mind and get the Just try it view

The diverse experience from the experiments provide the foundation for classic campaign work.

Classic? Not quite.

The campaign should not do what classic climate protection programs have done so far (raise awareness in the hope that some action occurs). But rather, the core of the campaign is to support participants in their daily activities as possible multipliers.

Focussed on target groups

Aspects of

  • motivation to act (even Vorarlberg is affected by the consequences of climate change)
  • desire to act (a sustainable lifestyle is a positive lifestyle)
  • change (successful alteration)

should be made understandable and attractive.

Participant as messenger

The participants’ experiences and insights are communicated through various media in a way that animates and encourages others to simulate and participate. Most important is the fact that the campaign is not an end in itself, but an initiative to reduce CO2 emissions.