The Just try it Experiments

Fahrrad am Zaun

Try something together

Experimental groups get the opportunity to try alternative daily practices in clearly defined test fields for a specific length of time.

The experiments are tailored to the needs and realities of the target group and should meet the following requirements:

  • the experiments fit into the daily life of the target group taking into account their socio-cultural environment, which includes values, importance, symbolism, language, etc, as well as the existing framework.  
  • the experiments are clearly defined (in terms of space, time and theme) and outwardly visible as such  in order to resolve the social, daily context. To depart from or not meet the social norm is allowed and even desired within the framework of the experiment.
  • The experiments should have innovative formats which are fun, enjoyable and appeal to the emotions.

Alive and not straight from the drawing board

As far as possible, it should be seen as a group experiment, in which a homogenous social group gathers similar experience, exchanges ideas and supports each other. That is why we want to bring our experiment to clubs, organisations and groups

It is important to us that the experiment meets your needs and conditions. It is not a rigid concept straight from the drawing board, but rather an experiment full of life to be designed and carried through by the participants. The group should continue activities and support each other to go a step further. A space is provided to experiment with new ways to live an energy independant lifestyle.

In addition, the experiments are designed so that the experience and results are readily available to others in order to encourage them to participate or try it themselves.