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Just try it, is part of the project “EKO-LIFE – experiments and communication of practical lifestyles that promote energy autonomy“, which is being carried out by the Energieinstitut Vorarlberg together with the Oesterreichischen Oekologieinstitut, the Fachhochschule Vorarlberg and Allmenda. The project is a part of the LIFE+-Programm, that was authorised by the European Commission and supported by the State of Vorarlberg.

The Energieinstitut Vorarlberg

Since 1985, the Energisinstitut Vorarlberg has been developing, consulting and conducting research for the rational use of energy and renewable energy sources. Furthermore, the Energieinstitut Vorarlberg is operationally responsible for processes in the context of energy autonomy in Vorarlberg. In Dornbirn, more than 40 employees work on a wide range of topics with solutions for decision makers in politics and business, planning professionals, craftsmen, as well as committed citizens.

Contact: Karin Feurstein (Project Manager), +43 5572 31 202-54, karin.feurstein [at],

The Austrian Institute of Ecology

Since 25 years, the Oesterreichische Oekologie-Institut has been one of the most important consulting and research facilities, that works on issues in the fields of nature conservation, biodiversity, sustainable building, air and soil pollution, energy and climate as well as cross-cutting issues such as lifestyles and participation.

Contact: Daniela Grabher, +43 5574 52 085-13, grabher [at]

The University of applied sciences Vorarlberg

At the "FH Vorarlberg", a part of the Design and Media Communications Department is Public Communications, which has three focal points. For environment relevant themes, media projects are implemented and symposia are arranged.  The theme is further visible in media ethics, business ethics, reports and social media courses. 

Contact: Simon Wenglein, +43 5572 792-3114, simon.wenglein [at]


Allmenda is a cooperative model  that has access to diverse target groups, where environmental projects are financed. Within the projects, they function as the link to the various training groups and implement communication strategies.

Contact: Ulrike Amann, +43 508020, ulrike.amann [at]


Life+ is a European Union funding program that supports projects concerning nature conservation and environmental protection. One priority is to support information campaigns on EU-related environmental and conservation issues. The program runs from 2007-2013 and is endowed with 2.1 billion euros.  

Further information is available at



By 2050, the goal of Energieautonomie Vorarlberg is to produce as much renewable energy in the region as consumed.  In 2009, the program was established by a unanimous resolution of State Parliament. "101 Practical Measures" have been developed with the first pioneering steps to be implemented by around 2020. In addition to these technical measures, the discussion of lifestyles has also strongly come into focus. That is the reason why the State of Vorarlberg supports the Just try it initiative.

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